For Clients

1. What is Momint?SIEBEL

At Momint, we believe that it shouldn't be so difficult to find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments. We have created the perfect solution allowing you to browse and book a photographer directly through our mobile and web app. What's the catch? There isn't. Sit down with a glass of wine and browse our selection of wonderful photographers near you!

2. I found a photographer I like. What do I do now?

So you've managed to find a photographer that best fits your occasion? Congratulations, you've checked off the hardest part! Now that you have found a photographer, visit their profile and tap "Send Message". This will allow you to chat about the specifics and even purchase and book a session right in the app.

3. What do I do if I see a picture I don't like?

We want our photographers to post pictures that will show off their wonderful portfolios. In reality, they have free-range to post whatever photos they like. If you see a photo you believe is inappropraite, tap the 3 dots next to the photographer's name and then click on "Report". We will do our best to notify or take down any pictures that have been reported.

4. How can I contact a photographer outside of Momint?

As soon as you purchase a session with a photographer, the photographer's details become available to you.

5. How much does it cost?

Every photographer has their set prices. It's best that you chat with a photographer that will suit your occasion and get the prices from the photographer. Upon booking a photographer within our platform, you will be charged a simple 8% service fee.

For Photographers

1. Why should I become a photographer on Momint?

As a photographer on Momint, we do all of the heavy lifting to find you customers. With our incredible location and category specific feed, clients can narrow their search to find your best work.

2. How much does it cost?

Our pricing is fair and simple. Before you can upload any photos, you must opt into the $2.99/mo. subscription plan. This will grant your profile to become publicly listed as well as the ability to upload as many photos as you'd like. While we hate to see you leave, you can cancel at any time. Just note, your profile will become immediately unlisted upon cancellation. Should you successfully book a client, you will be charged a 6% service fee.

3. How do I become a photographer on Momint?

If you have yet to sign up on Momint, download our iOS app or click "Sign In" on the navigation bar at the top. Once you sign up, feel free to post as many pictures, as long as they're appropriate and display your best work.